Yoast News Plugin – Optimize Your WordPress Site For Google News

yoast news plugin

Yoast News plugin helps optimize your WordPress site for Google News by creating XML News Sitemaps and including crucial structured data to get posts listed in search results.

This plugin features an integrated sidebar to give you quick access to all optimization areas on your site. It’s an excellent way to stay informed about your site’s SEO performance.

XML News Sitemaps

The XML News Sitemaps plugin is an effective way to help search engines discover your new content. It does this by creating a sitemap file with all URLs on your website, which will then be submitted to Google and other major search engines.

YOAST SEO makes it easy to create multiple sitemaps for your WordPress site that are automatically updated when new posts appear. Furthermore, you can include different languages in each map – ideal for sites that publish multilingual content.

This plugin also enables you to exclude certain post types from appearing in your XML Sitemap by flipping a switch located in the ‘Seo’ section of its settings page.

The XML Sitemap plugin includes some essential tags for your news sitemap, such as publication name, language and date. Furthermore, you can restrict its inclusion to specific post categories or a site name.

NewsArticle Schema

Structured data on your website helps search engines better comprehend the content on a page, so they can display more pertinent and informative results for specific searches.

Article structured data added to news, blog or sports articles can help them rank better on Google News and other properties like the Google Assistant. Furthermore, it tells Google what the content is about which makes it eligible for features like Top stories carousel.

Yoast SEO makes it simple to add structured data on a post or page basis by setting the default schema for your content type. This enables you to utilize an intuitive block editor and build your SEO structure without needing to modify HTML code manually or worry about losing valuable links.

Google News

Google News is a free service offered by Google that compiles news articles from various sources and presents them in one convenient location. Users can customize their experience by choosing which topics and sources appeal to them most.

Google News selects and ranks news articles based on various criteria, such as how often and on what sites a story appears online. Sorted without regard to political opinion or ideology, users can select from an array of perspectives on any given story.

Google News requires certain editorial standards and guidelines in order to be published. You must create unique, high-quality content that is well written and relevant to your target audience.

Writing that is accurate, concise and unambiguous is essential. Additionally, you should adhere to general SEO best practices such as using keywords and links appropriately in your article.

Social Sharing

Sharing content on social media is an economical way to raise brand awareness and attract new customers. Furthermore, it can be an effective tool for improving SEO for your company website.

Many news publishers are now utilizing social sharing plugins to expand their audience. These tools automate the process of posting articles on various social networks.

When selecting a social sharing plugin for your website, it’s essential to take into account both its layout and how well it will display on mobile devices. Some popular options have floating share buttons which don’t function on mobile devices while others provide more targeted placement options.

When selecting which plugin to use, it is wise to test it out on various pages of your site to see how well it performs. The best social plugins offer several targeting options so that social shares appear on relevant pages and post types.