Web Traffic Estimator

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SERPSTAT provides an effective tool for organic SEO. With its comprehensive features for analyzing competitor websites, this is a solid choice.

Clicky is an invaluable tool for analyzing competitor sites, with its intuitive user interface making it simple and user-friendly. Furthermore, Clicky also provides detailed reports on each competitor website’s traffic.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be an invaluable resource in helping you better understand the traffic on your website and the needs of its audience. By gathering insights and making informed decisions based on what resonates best with them, as well as providing a benchmark against which to compare performance against rival companies, it provides invaluable information.

Tracking visitor source locations, tracking newsletter subscriptions, shopping patterns and customers will enable you to improve your marketing strategy and increase ROI.

Ahrefs and Similar Web are useful tools, but don’t compare to Google Analytics when it comes to providing accurate estimates of data. While they provide you with some basic understanding of competitors’ website traffic and keyword rankings, these two won’t tell you everything about their strategies – therefore it is necessary to use both in conjunction with an analysis tool which provides more precise numbers so you’re always making accurate comparisons between competitors.


Clicky Analytics Tool provides almost everything you could ever want to know about your website traffic, from past to real-time monitoring and historic reporting, offering features not found elsewhere such as IP blocking capabilities and the option to track visitors with custom data.

Website owners and digital marketers looking to enhance the performance of their web page will find it an ideal tool. It helps identify areas for improvement easily while making data-driven decisions easier, and compare performance against your competitors.

Clicky offers apps and plugins for multiple platforms, including WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. Their apps bypass most ad blockers while adhering to GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy regulations – free during their 30 day trial phase before charging a variable monthly tariff based on how many sites need monitoring.


Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool with many handy features, from competition research to keyword tracking and offering mobile applications that let users view position tracking data on their smartphone devices.

Domain Overview tool from Alexa provides an in-depth breakdown of a domain’s traffic, including keywords, search volume, and other metrics. It even lets you compare domains across countries – ideal for assessing local market demand! – as well as provide estimates of how much traffic would come through if one competitor were to rank first for certain keywords.

SEMRush may not be cheap, but it offers great value for money. Prices are similar to competitors like Ahrefs; however, SEMRush provides a free trial period and much larger usage limits. The interface is intuitively simple – all that’s missing from its design is responsiveness for smartphones users!

Similar Web

Similar Web is an invaluable tool that gives you insights into your competitors’ traffic and performance, providing market intelligence across various industries. Similar Web can help identify competitors’ strategies while helping your organization develop its own to lead to improved performance and results for all involved.

SimilarWeb’s approach differs significantly from Google Analytics by not solely using tracking code to ascertain how many visitors a website receives; rather it draws data from various sources – public data, app data, ISP data and contributory networks among them – so as to ensure visitor numbers don’t drop due to uninstalled or misconfigured trackers being left out of reports.

SimilarWeb also provides an ‘App Analysis’ feature which offers in-depth insight into your competitors’ apps, giving you an in-depth analysis that can help you better understand your audience and customize marketing campaigns accordingly. Furthermore, App Analysis will also identify keywords to use when writing content that will boost search engine ranking and bring in organic traffic to your website.