Latest News on SEO

latest news on seo

SEO is an ever-evolving industry. With new algorithms and tactics being released daily, staying abreast of the newest developments is essential for success.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 search engine marketing blogs to follow. These websites will keep you informed on all important updates and shifts within the SEO space.

1. Google’s Passage Indexing

Google’s Passage Indexing is a ranking algorithm that enables the search engine to comprehend content at depth, including all subtopics, headings and sections. This helps give users quick answers without having to click through pages or keep looking for more in-depth answers.

SEOs and internet brands must take this update into account when crafting their content. This means employing standard SEO tactics like keyword research, meta-data optimization, and content optimization – but also creating detailed yet thorough answers to questions your target audiences could have and that address long-tail search keywords most likely to trigger Google’s passage algorithm.

This update will affect approximately 7% of search queries, impacting both e-commerce websites and non-e-commerce sites alike. Depending on a few key criteria, rankings could shift slightly either way.

2. Google’s MUM Update

Google recently unveiled their latest search engine software update and the company has an abundance of top-notch SEO specialists. Utilizing the most up to date technology is only half the battle, so don’t be scared to entrust your data to professionals. As these gurus work, they can show you both positive news and bad news quickly. The best seo providers will guide you through all this mess until you reach your dream clients – making life much simpler for everyone involved and making SEO efforts that much more rewarding.

3. Google’s Ads Transparency Center

Google has made several important updates in its ads business this year as it strives for a more open and transparent advertising ecosystem. These latest improvements include an “About this ad” center as well as enhanced ad disclosures.

The new center enables users to track their preferences for ads across Google properties, including Search and YouTube. They also have the power to mute or report advertisements they believe violate policies.

Google has taken an extra step to protect user privacy by only showing ads from advertisers who have gone through a verification process. This is their latest effort at better protecting customer data.

4. Google’s Ads Safety Report

Google’s Ads Safety Report is an annual examination of how it safeguards ad dollars for publishers and users alike. As part of that effort, the search giant has been actively removing and blocking malicious or fraudulent ads to protect people’s online experiences.

In addition to the Ads Safety Report, Google also revealed the launch of their Ads Transparency Center – a searchable database with verified advertisers. This feature allows users to report ad policy violations and view an advertiser’s website page, helping distinguish legitimate advertisements from fraudulent ones. Plus, ExoClick publishers now have exclusive access to some of Ads Safety Report’s award-winning creatives with just one click!

5. Google’s Ads Credit Import

Google Ads Credit Import is a feature that enables you to import Salesforce conversions into your account. This will give you insight into the performance of your campaigns, and ensure your ads are delivering on their full potential.

To qualify for this ad credit, you must have run Google Ads in ten out of twelve months in 2019 and either January or February of 2020. This applies to all campaign types such as search, display, and YouTube.

Small and medium-sized businesses already advertising on Google can take advantage of this ad credit, which can be applied towards future spending. The amount is determined based on historical spend up to $1,000 US dollars (or the equivalent in your currency).