Stay Up to Date With the Latest SEO News Update

seo news update

As Google updates can have an enormous effect on rankings and traffic, it is vital that you stay abreast of search news to stay ahead of any potential changes that could impact them. Therefore, keep up-to-date with search news!

One of the best ways to increase your rankings on Google News is to frequently publish and republish articles with up-to-date information, since Google takes into account when and how often an article was last republished as one of its ranking factors.

Google’s RankBrain

Google RankBrain is a machine learning artificial intelligence system developed to process search results more efficiently and provide more pertinent results to search users. Furthermore, RankBrain helps Google understand user intent more precisely and offer personalized recommendations.

Google used to match keywords and phrases found on a webpage with those included in a search query, but with the addition of RankBrain it now considers all relevant context before trying to determine how a particular term fits within it.

This makes RankBrain more efficient at returning results for complex searches that were once challenging to understand. For instance, when someone searches “best car”, RankBrain prioritizes relatedness and awards from specific brands in order to deliver the most appropriate result for that query.

RankBrain excels at understanding negative-oriented queries – for instance, when someone searches “pandemic,” it will recognize searchers’ intent to gain more knowledge of a virus. Therefore, any site offering original content on such topics will receive priority ranking over those already covering these subjects.

Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google’s Knowledge Graph is an integral component of its search algorithm, helping it deliver more accurate search results by providing users with information relevant to their query.

Knowledge Graph can also help Google identify entities when performing natural language searches, for instance when someone asks “Which actor played Han Solo in Star Wars?” it will pull Harrison Ford’s profile up from its database.

The Knowledge Graph uses a graph database model, in which data is organized as entities and edges. Entities may represent people, places, objects or intangible things such as ideas or movies; each entity also has an edge that connects it to other entities forming a nonlinear hierarchy of data.

Google’s Mobile-First Index

As mobile traffic overtook desktop for the first time in March 2016, Google announced it would change its indexing practices to prioritize mobile pages. While historically Google used desktop content as the basis for SERP listings, this new policy will make mobile versions of websites the priority when ranking organically in SERPs.

As such, it’s crucial that you consider how this could influence your SEO strategy and rankings. Thankfully, if all steps have been taken to make your site mobile-friendly before rollout begins, no major ranking changes should occur during that stage of implementation.

However, if your website isn’t ready for mobile-first indexing yet, take steps now to optimize as much for both desktop and mobile users. This won’t be a one-and-done job; stay abreast of best practices and monitor its performance to be sure you’re prepared.

Google’s MUM Update

Google’s MUM Update (Multi-User Mapper) will dramatically alter how Google search works. Created to help better interpret information, MUM will enable it to answer more complex queries than ever before.

Current efforts require users searching for restaurants near Montmatre to do multiple searches until they find relevant results – this can take considerable time and energy.

Google MUM provides users with one comprehensive result that lists all of the best places to eat nearby, saving time and enabling a deeper understanding of their query.

MUM is a multimodal AI that is capable of understanding information in different forms such as text, images and video. MUM also helps Google overcome language barriers to better interpret meaning in ways more natural for humans.