Seo Ye Ji News

seo ye ji news

Seo Ye Ji is known for her spine-chilling performances in dramas such as Save Me and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Unfortunately, however, her personality has also been the center of numerous controversies.

Just recently, she has come under fire for manipulating her former flame and falsifying her education history; now there is another controversy arising regarding their housing situation.

Eve (literal title)

Seo Ye Ji made her mark as an actress after appearing in 2020’s It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, yet continued to face allegations of gaslighting her then-partner, bullying at school, forging academic documents and abusing staff members.

She took a leave from activities, issued an official apology, but is back with a bang with tvN drama Eve, featuring herself as Lee La-El who vows to take down the Ly Group conglomerate that destroyed her family 13 years prior.

This drama will premiere in 2022 and stars Park Byung Eun, Yoo Sun and Lee Sang Yeob – who all displayed incredible on-screen chemistry during a recent script reading. The drama centers around an unprecedented divorce lawsuit worth 2 trillion won that is crippling South Korea; fans cannot wait to witness her return.

Crash Landing on You

After an extended absence from TVN’s Eve, Seo Ye Ji has made her triumphant return as Lee Ra El in Episode 259. Fans have welcomed back Seo with open arms.

Unfortunately, her return has been marred by a lawsuit filed by her former endorser company. They claim she failed to respond appropriately when facing allegations regarding Kim Jung Hyun and caused damage to their business’s image.

Text messages reportedly exchanged between Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun have allegedly revealed allegations that Seo Ye Ji requested Kim Jung Hyun not film any kiss scenes for Time drama series and encouraged him not to greet the drama staff. Seo Ye Ji’s agency denied these claims while her fans are eagerly anticipating her comeback to small screen and look forward to her comeback drama.

Dinner Mate

No one could deny Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye’s sizzling on-screen chemistry spilled over into real life; after Crash Landing On You they kept in contact and even co-starred in 2020’s Dinner Mate together. Both actors’ reps denied any romantic intentions between the two actors but fans still hope the two might get together one day.

MBC drama 2N BOX (based on webtoon of same name), tells the tale of two lovers who become disillusioned with romance following heartbreaks, but through weekly dinner dates are able to rediscover each other and experience romance once more. Song Seung Heon stars as psychiatrist/food psychologist Kim Hae Kyung while Seo Ji Hye portrays 2N BOX’s Producing Director Woo Do Hee respectively.

Teasers for episodes 5-8 of the romantic drama have been released, and it eerily echoes CLOY! Check it out below.

Mr. Queen

Kim Jung Hyun was one of the lead stars in the popular gender-swap K-drama Mr. Queen before becoming embroiled in an ongoing scandal regarding Seo Ye Ji, his ex-partner at that time. Even months after this controversy erupted, Twitter continued to criticize Kim for his relationship with Seo.

In 2018, Dispatch released text messages between Kim and her then-partner and reported that she requested him not to initiate physical contact between them and their co-star in Time (2018), leading him to take an indefinite break from acting. Kim eventually dropped out and took an extended hiatus from acting.

Mr. Queen will return on June 1 for tvN’s new drama Mr. Queen as an influential woman seeking revenge against those responsible for destroying her family. The show will premiere.