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Seo is a great way to improve your online presence. Making your way to the top of the search results is all about seo, so we will look at it from a basic level.

How does seo help you get more clicks, views, and engagement on your content?

Well, seo allows you to place your content in search results as an alternative way to promote your website or business. Instead of putting a lots of money and effort into creating quality content, which only gets paltry click-throughs and weak engagement, you can use seo to gain attention.

It works in both free and pay websites so you are not restricted to just your online business account. You can even use it as an introduction for new people who know nothing about SEO but want to try it out.

Create great videos

seo for beginners youtube

A seo for beginners video does not have to be a boring overview of what seo is and how to use it. There are many ways to make seo for videos!

Seo for beginners videos can be done as live broadcasts or via teleconference. Either way, you must plan your appearance ahead of time because you will need to share a link during the broadcast!

Some ways to make your video more attractive is to either join a YouTube channel and/or create your own. You can also hire someone to make your video for you- this costs more but gets better at looking at each side of the camera.

Make sure that you get enough lighting and that your camera is functioning properly so that you look nice and feel comfortable while filming.

Encourage comments

seo for beginners youtube

If you can not get a reaction from the viewer, then you probably missed something important. This is where seo for beginners youtube your expertise comes in. You can encourage comments by linking to them or having them posted as additional information in the video. This can help grow your audience and create more community support.

By posting comments and feedback, people can see that you take an interest in your product or service so they may come back to you with questions or recommendations. This goes a long way in building trust and loyalty between you and your customers.

You can also link to articles that may help answer any questions people have about your product or service. The more information people have about your business, the better of a seo for beginners youtube you can make their Youtube video look like.

Link to your website

seo for beginners youtube

Having a link to your website in your profile is not a requirement for seo for beginners youtube, but it can help. A linked-to-www-address gives yourself more credibility, as if you were to put it in your bio or under “About”, you would have added that you are an SEO specialist!

You can also create a guest blogspot or other account to put your website link into. Just make sure it is the same account you use to post on Youtube, otherwise you will have to choose which video you post on whether or not it be linked.

Having a link to your profile can also help get more views on your videos. Many people search for youtube accounts with no one linking to their own account!

Getting started should feel fun and interesting! If you are having trouble thinking of ways to include the basic aspects of SEO for Beginners into your video, try splitting up the task of seo for beginners youtube content and examples.

Use relevant keywords

seo for beginners youtube

When creating a video it is important to create a plan. Plan out your video content and create a list of key terms to use in your video.

This will help you create a relevant, useful and fun video that will get the attention of your audience. By using relevant terms and details in your video title and content you will help rank higher in search.

Trust me, they will see you looking smarter than what you say you are!

Bullet point: Be patient

While editing your videos be sure to make sure that you are spending enough time on each piece. Editing can be fun if we spend more time doing it! Editing takes time so do not speed through it like the clock is running down or up. Take your time to make it perfect!

Now, this may seem like an annoying thing to take extra time for but after seeing how much some people spend on their YouTube channel I know how much work they put into it.

Optimize your videos for seo

seo for beginners youtube

Seo is very important for your seo strategy. There are many seo services that will do the rest for you. They will pick and choose the keywords that you want to use in your videos and create custom SEO strategies to drive traffic to your website.

It is not hard to create a seo strategy for your video content but it does take time! Try one out and see how much you improve with each video. A few thousands of dollars may seem expensive as a start, but over time this could pay off immensely.

Do some research and look for online videos on relevant subjects that contain helpful tips about your product or service. Create a list of questions that you want the person answering you in your video to answer for you so that you can focus on the content instead of yourself!

Create a relaxed, trustworthy persona for yourself in your video so that people can approach you and ask questions.

Create thumbnails that grab the viewer’s attention

seo for beginners youtube

Creating a thumbnail for your video can be tricky at first. You want to create a photo that is short, sweet, and evokes an idea or emotion in the viewer.

It is also important to edit your thumbnail to fit the length of your video. A short video may use clips from different times in your life to create emotion. This is why it is important to have a concise photo.

Editors will sometimes cut out some of the background or add more details to it, just make sure it still looks natural and you have good lighting and filming quality footage.

The best way to make a good-looking video is by using lots of cameras shooting quality footage together and then editing together the best shots.

Make your title impactful yet simple

seo for beginners youtube

When you create an account on Seo for beginners youtube, you will be asked to create a title for your account. The title should be impactful yet simple so it can help get you more people to pick your account to subscribe.

A title that is impactful is when it describes what your user will see when they go to your Youtube page. For example, a video about how to use a helmet can make your user think, “Hmm, this looks interesting but not too complicated.”

User-friendly titles are ones that are easy for someone to understand so they can put them in the right context.

Include your key terms in your description

seo for beginners youtube

This is very important. If you do not include your key terms in your description, the viewer will be unable to find your video using those terms. Including a quick list of keywords in your video can help grow your YouTube strategy too.

Having a list of key terms in your video can include difficulty levels, includes action, and includes tips and tricks. As the title suggests, the content belongs to beginners so this should be easy to understand.

Some people may find it hard to watch a short video like this, but it could help you grow your subscriber base and following if you continue to make videos like this.

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