How to Optimize Your News Website for Search Engines

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News websites can be some of the toughest industries to optimize. However, with proper tactics and an emphasis on user experience, your site could rank higher in search and improve its appearance on Google’s Top Stories carousel.

To become part of the news carousel, it’s essential that you understand what constitutes an outstanding news article. There are three primary components: Core Web Vitals, Freshness and Relevance.


An appearance on Google News can be an enormous boon for publishers, giving them both increased traffic and brand recognition. But before this can take place, publishers must first meet Google’s content quality evaluation guidelines; specifically demonstrating expertise, authority, trustworthiness (EAT) as well as offering unique value to users.

Additionally, it’s crucial to conduct keyword research that resonates with news readers – the best way of doing this being Google Trends. Also avoid puns in headlines as these may confuse Google’s algorithm and decrease your ranking.

Relevance is another crucial element to keep in mind when writing news articles. They should contain search-volume relevant keywords and cover current trends while remaining timely for their target readership – particularly important if gaining visibility in Top stories or News tabs. In addition, articles must also be properly structured.


Freshness is an integral component of Google’s algorithm for news sites and other websites that cover time-sensitive subjects, so updating content regularly is key if you want to maintain your search ranking.

The Freshness Factor, otherwise known as Queries Deserve Freshness (QDF), ensures that users view updated content before it becomes outdated content. For instance, if searching for breaking news such as hurricane or earthquake coverage on Google will typically show results which are only minutes old.

This change is significant and should improve search results overall, yet don’t let this discourage you from creating evergreen posts if written well enough; they still generate tons of traffic even though they weren’t published recently and rank highly regardless.


Google News uses several factors to assess whether a news story is pertinent, including location, regional news coverage and search queries, frequency of update as well as its credibility and trustworthiness; having established itself as an authority on a certain topic also matters greatly.

Google News takes into account both the quality and value of content, especially topics like data breaches or natural disasters, that relate to “Your Money or Your Life.” This applies especially to “YMYL” topics like these.

Additionally, it’s essential that news stories have accurate headlines that clearly convey their subject matter and refrain from using sarcasm, puns and allegories that could misinterpret by machines. Structured data to specify dates and time zones will help Google News better comprehend your content while excessive ads on websites could interfere with user experience and have negative implications on Google News SEO.


Staying abreast of breaking news can be challenging, which is why SEO strategies can be invaluable in capturing clicks from users searching for pertinent info. With smart SEO practices in place, businesses can seize upon clicks generated from users searching relevant terms.

Google News is an aggregator that recommends reliable sources to searchers, while simultaneously helping publishers increase their authority, visibility and popularity. Ranking on Google News requires meeting certain content quality and technical requirements that include Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT).

To qualify your news articles as eligible for News, they must be original and published within seven days. Furthermore, content written by humans with author bylines and dates are essential. In order to effectively utilize Google News Search results it’s also essential that each story mentioned be limited in frequency while clearly identified as news article tags (you could even utilize structured data markup to optimize it for News search).