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On Monday, top officials of the European Parliament and EU officials did not hesitate to boast at the time that President Zelensky of Ukraine out of the blue appeared in London. This was an unforeseen surprise given the numerous security worries as well as the truth that his travel plans have been not made public simply because of Russian assassination makes an attempt. It was partly due to the convention in Kyiv between Charles Michel (the president of the European Council) and Ursula von der Leyen (the President of the European Commission), the unforeseen appearance of President Zelensky seemed possible. The two leaders had discussed the different measures for security to in the defense of his Ukrainian president. Recent developments recommend positive prospects for European-Ukrainian relations

. 1. What was the significance of the encounter that took place between Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen as well as President Zelensky?

on the ninth day of July in 2020 President Ursula der Leyen from the European Commission, President Charles Michel of the European Council, and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine jointly with a range of different leaders in the EU. The summit was a landmark concerning the security difficulty that has been inflicting Brussels to become embarrassment. It was the first summit of both the EU and Ukraine following the turmoil in Ukraine. The assembly was about the penalties of security breaches that occurred in Brussels as well as what measures might be taken to sidestep them from happening again

. 2. How have the events of this week impacted President Zelensky’s plans to participate in the EU summit?

Following the embarrassing security breach within Brussels which has left the EU with a sour face, the results of the incident this week on President Zelensky’s plans to attend the upcoming EU assembly in Brussels is crucial. The incident was a case of an Latvian cameraman enter the VIP entry of the EU Council Building. It’s created doubt concerning EU security, and has raised questions about Summit security for contributors. This triggered President Zelensky to reconsider plans to go to the summit simply because the threat to security posed via the incident might be much too dicy for him to accept

. three. What security measures are applied to safeguard President Zelensky’s security?

It is essential for President Zelensky’s security to be secured in the wake of Security breaches leaving Brussels red-faced. In the aftermath, different security measures have been put in place to determine the security of the President. These measures contain increased surveillance as well as increased security round the perimeter, greater intelligence gathering, and a heightened recognition of potential disadvantages. Additionally, the addition of security officers as well as improved communication between security staff, and the utilization of modern expertise is in the process of being evaluated. Security protocols are additionally being up to date and reviewed to deal with all potential security threats. This was finished to safeguard the president and public protection should there be security breach

. four. What is it that the President’s travels have been stored secret?

For security and diplomatic reasons, it is widespread to have presidents travel in private, particularly when they’re from a state so relevant as Ukraine. It is simple to understand that the president Zelensky is traveling in a state of secrecy considering the wide-ranging nature of studies of security incidents which left Brussels shocked. This incident highlights the importance of protocols and procedures being followed for the security of a nation’s chief, as well as the necessity for such protocols and procedures to be continually reviewed and up to date in order to keep in place

. A Short Summary

In conclusion, the go to by Ukrainian Presidency Volodymyr Zelensky to Brussels is a demonstration of religion and support from Europe. EU for the Ukrainian leader, regardless of a number of security violations in the last week. The EU is still awestruck by Zelensky’s determination to push Ukraine nearer to Europe and away from Russia, regardless of these security violations. This go to proves Zelensky’s dedication to this path and provides some assurance that Ukraine will be able to face up to Russian aggressiveness


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